"Perfect for condominium sales"

Your first extra sale will more than cover the expense of a great domain like this one. Short, easy to remember, respectable, and to the point. Gain the competitive edge by showing the condos you represent online. Use you own descriptions and quality pictures to sell more units. Your first impression on a client, which sometimes begins with the domain name, can make a big difference.

A great benefit of a self-descriptive domain name is that you can gain exposure in local papers with a minimum word count. For example: Looking for a new condo in localville? Find it here: http://www.a-condo.com The fact that the word condo is in the name immediately increases the level of trust and the willingness of the reader to explore further.

If you are interested in A-Condo.com, you can request information, make an offer, suggest a business proposal, etc. by email:

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