About PowerRetouche

Whether you are a professional photographer, digital image editor, or simply someone who takes a lot of digital pictures and doesn't always set the focus just right, the PowerRetouche collection of image editing plugins for Photoshop will be very helpful. It saves editing time and can salvage images that may otherwise be unusable.

From the airplane window. I can't go back and reshoot - but it looks blurry. What can I do?

Solution: sharpening and mild exposure adjustment with Power Retouche

I wanted a darker sky so I shifted the spectrum and adjusted the colors a bit with the color editor

The PowerRetouche collection includes these amazing filters:

• Sharpen - when auto focus didn't quite get it - sharpen without negative edgelines
• Exposure Correction - you must try this - it is excellent
• White Balance Correction - more pleasant & natural looking images - manual or auto
• Black & White - for convert color to B/W - emulating standard films!
• Lens-distortion correction - from tele, wideangle or panorama.
• Toned B/W conversion - true grayscale or toned sepia, palladium, silver gelatin, etc
• Noise removal while preserving details and sharpness.
• Saturation - true to original colorrelations - full colorcircle. No reduction to "primaries".
• Transparency in layers - for masks, correction layers or improving scans.
• Brightness with color preservation - FREE WITH DEMO
• Radial density corrector - correct uneven exposure (dark corners) from digital cameras!
• Edgeline converter - convert photos to line drawings! Turn people into cartoons!
• Anti-alias -soften jagged edges in images, graphics, text, etc.
• Black Control - control the black element in images as if it were a colorchannel.
• Posterizer - posterize hues and values independently.

Visit PowerRetouche and download the trial demo - the brightness adjustment with color preservation tool is free to keep.

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